Woke up this morning in a raw panic.  You’ve gotta love that on a Saturday.  My mind went something like this:

  • All of our stuff is in storage.  Only planned for a month of storage.  Need to extend. 
  • Is our stuff covered by insurance?  Need to call insurance.
  • Why are the cats being so damn loud?  Need to get Stella to the vet.  Cats should not have perpetual allergy symptoms.
  • Been away last four weekends…going away perhaps next five.  Is that possible?
  • No idea when we are going to close on our apartment.  Need to razz the seller.
  • Have to be out of temporary living situation by November.  Where will we go then?
  • Have not done 2006 taxes…waiting for a K1….will I get or owe?  Need to call accountant.
  • Buying apartment later than we expected this year…less tax benefit for 2007…will I owe for 2007?  More things for the accountant.
  • Where the hell is our laundry?  We took a full bag in and only got sheets and towels back.  I hate having to send out laundry – now my clothes are in the land of the lost.  Need to call Trafalgar.
  • Flying back from England in week 34 of pregnancy.  Good idea or too risky?  May need to change plans.  American Airlines can barely serve food let alone deliver a baby.  Need to get travel insurance.
  • LP meeting on Monday.  Must do presentation.
  • In CA all next week…have I booked hotel? 
  • Three days of email back-up to review. 
  • Have sold virtually all of our furniture.  If/when we move in we need to furnish the place.  Somehow still filled a truck with all of our stuff.  Will need to unpack but into what?  Deal with that later.
  • Need to get term sheet in on other deal.
  • Need to find marketing expert for independent board seat for one of my companies.  Must compile list of targets and contacts.
  • Have documents on two deals to review.
  • Need to update my to-do list.  Normally do this everyday.  Have not done it since Monday.  Post-it notes everywhere.

And so I got up and came in to work.  Feeling better now – especially since I have coffee in me and have gotten the craziness out in this post. 

What will I do when I throw a kid into the mix?  Need to find nanny.  Will think about that later.  OK, now on to the list…