I was asked recently how to access older posts on my blog.  I have been writing this blog for about a year and a half now, and there are several older posts to check out (about 189 actually), if you so desire.  The first thing you can do is on the top right of the blog, you will see "Archives".  From here, click any month.  When you do, you are taken to the posts from that month, and from there you will see at the top of the page a link to prior months.  Another route is to click here.  Back in March I made a list of several of my favorite posts to that point.  Not a bad way to start.

In any event, thanks for checking it out.  My musings are not centered around any particular topic (politics, VC, motherhood) but rather, all over the place, and they are solely based on what I feel like saying at any point in time.  They are a way for me to keep a record of my thoughts.  Thanks for indulging my navel gazing, soap boxing and general observing.