Scene: 8:30AM Friday September 28th, 2007; 4/5 Subway train from 86th and Lexington to Grand Central

Random Man ("RM"): "So are you anticipating a cold day, I see you are carrying a jacket."

Me: Do I respond?  It’s morning and I am on the subway.  I don’t really like talking to strangers in the morning, but what the hell…"Uhm, no, it’s part of my suit."  I shift positions.  He sees my left hand…

RM: "Oh sorry, I see you are married, what an amateur I am!"  He giggles.  I hate men that giggle.

Me: "Married AND pregnant – you did not pick a sure thing!"  I was nice about this.  Not hostile.  Not yet…

RM: "Oh wow, pregnant!  Wow.  I have a six yr old son.  He lives in FL.  I was SO glad when he came out that he was a boy.  I was terrified I would have a girl.  I really wanted a son.  I am a man’s man, you know."

Me: "Interesting.  I just want a healthy baby with all toes and fingers accounted for.  Why did you want a son so badly?"  I will take the bait.

RM: "Well, you know, I am a guy’s guy.  I believe men should rule the house and I would not know what to do with a girl.  I am old fashioned, you know, I like having a woman at home and think the man should be the one who works out of the home.  I could not raise a girl, and I did not want one."  People are starting to stare now.  A man of this "caliber" has not been seen in NYC in decades!  Many of us women secretly believe they exist, but a chance to see a man like this live and in person!  WOW.  I knew I could not foil this rare opportunity to interact with Neanderthal Man.

Me: "You most certainly could not!  And do you realize you just hit on a woman who is going to WORK and that you are surrounded by such women here on the NYC subway during rush hour?"  Women are looking at him like he has two heads…or maybe less than a full head…one or the other…

RM: "Oh well, if you were with me you would not work.  And you know what, I bet you are having a boy!" 

The train stops at Grand Central and I get ready to leave…everyone is shaking their head at this guy in disbelief.  I am looking around for a candid camera thinking I am being PUNK’D.

I turn and say: "Well, I think I am having a girl and if your son is LUCKY, she just might consider hiring him one day!"