I was talking to someone the other day who was overall grumpy.  For the record, I was NOT talking to myself.  Haha.  Anyway, so I was talking to said person and it occurred to me to ask them, "If it’s so bad, what would you change?  Is there anything – even something small in your life, that you can change to make it better?"

And the answer was a quiet "Maybe".  We talked about baby steps, picking just one thing that you can impact and changing it.  She was feeling like her life was a little out of control, nothing was really getting done, she was not going in any direction she liked, and she felt a little lost.  These are big issues.  But I find sometimes the best way to get out of a "Big Issue Funk" is to tackle something small.  Pay the bills.  Organize a closet.  Feeling like you are uninspired?  Go to a museum.  Feel like your career is going nowhere?  Make an effort to meet one new person in your field.  Just one. 

Do something simple.  It’s in all of these simple changes that we make, or simple actions that we take, that we build a life.  So go ahead and think big, but maybe as a first step, it’s ok to start small.