Do you ever get the sense that there is something weird going on in the universe and it’s affecting many aspects of your life?  My husband and I were talking about this the other day – we are noticing a trend of unresponsiveness.  I can at this very moment point to many elements of unresponsiveness in life:

  • Again, the apartment.  Still no update.  And no response to our last inquiry.  Two days ago.
  • The woman coordinating our mortgage.  I sent her the last bit of info.  Asked please confirm receipt.  Called to confirm receipt.  No response.
  • A friend of mine has been unresponsive.  Something I said?  Or let me not be self-centered…good chance it’s not something I said.  Maybe it’s just her.
  • Our wedding photographer from whom we are trying to get the negatives which we bought as part of our package.  Inquiries out – no response.
  • Our tax person was unresponsive.  Then we fired her.  And she immediately replied and claimed she was responsive.  Well, to getting fired, YES she was responsive!

So there we have it – just a few examples.  And if he were to add his list, it would be an officially depressing list of doom. 

I am boring myself with all of this negative karma.  Universe be damned!  I will not allow these trends to dominate my life, attitude, outlook and thinking.  I spent some time today counting my blessings, of which there are many.  Here are a few things I came up with, current and recent blessings:

  • This summer I spend a lot of time floating in ocean and fresh water.  That is a marvelous blessing.
  • Thus far, I have not had a cold this season.
  • In the past few months, I have eaten many lobsters.
  • I have embraced my new belly as an accessory – and have found rather chic maternity clothes.  Trust me, if you have ever had to buy clothes to accommodate a figure that is blowing up Hindenburg-size, you would understand how much of a blessing this is.
  • I spent time – though not enough – with my parents recently.
  • I found myself lost in several good books.
  • I am really liking my job.
  • I determined that I like believing that magic and mystery exists in our world, and for that, I now don’t feel a need to dig into Dawkins or Hitchens.
  • I have good friends, some of whom I have seen recently.
  • I found a voice where I said "you did this and it bugged me" and it felt honest and good and addressed an issue that otherwise may have festered.
  • I have felt very cared for by my extended family – in-laws, etc.  An wonderful benefit of marriage.

So there we go.  I shall be blessings focused and see if that has any impact on the other negative karma that seems to be permeating many of the things that need to get done in life.  Keep my fingers crossed.  Good energy.