When are we not busy?  That would be, never.  We are about to embark upon the black hole of "busy" as people keep telling us we have no idea what having a kid will do to our lives.  Consider me petrified.

I looked forward into the calendar the other day and this is what I saw, for me, between now and early January:

  • 4 trips to California (work)
  • 1 road trip to Rochester (family – Thanksgiving)
  • 1 trip to England (other family – Christmas)
  • A move to Brooklyn (this Saturday!)…
  • a move into an unfurnished, we sold most of our other furniture, apartment…meaning, we must spend time buying furniture before I BECOME the size of a house
  • Holiday shopping
  • Work, oh yes, that, work (it’s not all about taking trips to CA)

So all of this plus life in general is supposed to happen between today, November 12th, and January 2nd.  Hmmm.  This is probably not a good idea, in the grand scheme.  One could argue that even not pregnant, this is not a good idea.  And of course this does not take into account the Big H’s schedule.  He has to travel just about every week as well for a project he is working on.  And of course it also neglects my mother-in-law who we also need to visit, sometime in the near future.  So what is one to do?  I have canceled one trip to CA.  I shall dial in.  What else?  Well, nothing else yet has been rearranged or pushed off (hard to delay things like Christmas).  I am not sure what else can be pushed off.  So in that case, I shall embrace chaos.  Forget trying to make it go away, jump in head first!   And maybe at least try to get some sleep, and drink lots of water.  Consider it training for later on, right?