Wow.  Every once in a while I get hit by the PFT (Pregnancy Freight Train).  It hits hard, out of nowhere, and makes you feel like you ran a marathon with no sleep.  It renders you exhausted with a dash of "mental drain" and a soaking of physical "I just cannot take one more step or get up".  The hit tends to last five minutes to five hours.  It’s way worse than any afternoon slump I experienced BB ( Before Bean).

I was just slammed by the PFT.  Darn that little freight train.  Time to get up, take a quick walk, maybe jump up and down a little (not high, just a little) or walk outside into the 40 degree weather with no coat or scarf.  Of course, the Pregnancy Police (of which there are many) say not to reach for an espresso…but let’s be honest, a walk does not have the same effect.  Besides, I am tall, my husband is tall, do we really think a little afternoon dash of coffee will stunt the kid’s growth?  I think not.