Welcome to the holidays!

We have been crazy busy with life in general (and again, I know it’s about to get much crazier with a kid on the way).  What’s been going on?

I am now in month three of major all consuming congestion.  Apparently this is part of some pregnancies.  I am beginning to think pregnancy is the cause of many unexplainable phenomenon…too hot?  Pregnant.  Feet hurt?  Pregnant.  Dying for orange marmalade?  Pregnant.  No money?  Pregnant!  It’s like how I was blaming global warming for everything a while ago.  So the congestion – ugh.  The most pleasant way to describe it is I feel like a fountain…maybe the Trevi Fountain (what a fountain!).

We are in the apartment in Brooklyn (woohoo!) and need to buy a ton of furniture.  I am now best friends with Crate, Room and Board, various antique stores etc.  It’s where we spend all of our time on weekends.  Any questions about such places?  Send me a note.

A person I know just died.  Died of cancer.  It’s a big loss.  I know him through work.  He was young – late 40s.  Another reminder to appreciate life.  Do something today to appreciate life.  And don’t be a nudge today – give up on honking at strangers, let things go, put a smile on your face and be glad you are here. 

In keeping with the issue above, have you ever noticed that a lot of Christmas music is sad?  I can never listen to "I’ll Be Home for Christmas" without tearing up.

Anyway, the only thing that really matters today is the appreciate life thing.  Tell someone you love them.  Go skating.  Eat a cookie and appreciate every bite.