I have been really lazy about working out for oh, say, about the last eight months or so.  Like many, I have had slumps in my trips to the gym, but eight months is excessive.  And, yes, I know I am pregnant but even light exercise is beneficial.  The days of "You are pregnant, don’t get off the couch!" are long gone.  Being mindfully active – no marathons, but walking, mild activity – is encouraged.  I am not sure my daily walks to and from the subway count, but in any event, I have not made it to the gym.

So yesterday, a friend of mine from business school ran her second annual charity event to raise money for sarcoma.  She was diagnosed with sarcoma about three years ago and as an active, get things done person, she has made it her mission to fight the disease head on.  You can read about it here at http://www.spin4survival.org/ and read about her specific story here.  Jen is a true inspiration and has now raised nearly $1 million for the cause. 

Like we did last year, the Big H and I decided to participate in her event.  Now, at 37.5 weeks pregnant I was not so sure I could even get onto a spinning bike let alone spin.  But I did.  And it was great.  If Jen can spin throughout chemo, surely, I could spin a little as a pregnant person.  Pregnant women are discouraged from biking (risk of falling) but I take that as more of an outside biking thing than an indoor biking thing.  And the beautiful thing about spinning is that you can do it at your own pace.  I stayed on for the entire class (thank god for the air conditioner directly above my bike!) and in the process, realized how much I missed exercising.  I was so glad to re-discover my interest in being really active.  I now cannot wait to jump back into something – walking, running, lifting, whatever – post baby arrival. 

So Jen is an inspiration on many levels, but I bet what she does not know is that not only has she inspired me (and others) to have a positive attitude in the face of great adversity, to see yourself as a survivor, to take something you care about deeply and push it to try to change the world, but she has also been a catalyst for me to appreciate my physical capabilities.  Thank you, Jen, for so many things, thank you much.