For several reasons, I found myself in search of a little positive inspiration this morning.  Other than my (half) cup of coffee, I have come up short and have not made time to dig into the Internet looking for some Power of Positive Thinking (to be clear, this is not a sign of being bummed or anything, I just did not feel like Rocky Balboa upon entering today, that’s all). 

Do you ever need something to give you a little bump of "get up and conquer the world" in the morning?  If yes, and if you have a great source of where you get this (coffee, a website, a favorite song, push-ups, peppermint shower gel), let me know. I am all ears.

Bliss197 BTW, on the peppermint shower gel, the one from Bliss is far and away my favorite.  This stuff is not for amateurs.  It’s a great gift for most people, great in the morning, great post workout, simply great.