I packed a bag last night for the hospital.  That was very odd.  To plan to take a bag somewhere and come back not just with the bag but with a kid.  Surreal does not begin to describe the feeling.

Even more odd is how to deal with work.  I am directly involved with seven companies at my firm, a mix of east and west coast.  While I am out, certain responsibilities have to be "transitioned" to others.  This phenomenon, though temporary, is very unsettling.  Don’t read that wrong – I am thrilled to work at a firm where we plan for these things and people are willing to take the ball when I pass it.  But just the same, I am not typically one to ask others to do things for me, to take over, to manage something I feel is primarily my responsibility.

I guess the answer is "Get used to it" because when I come back I will be transferring some of that other responsibility – motherhood – to someone I don’t even know yet.  Someone I – WE – that being the husband wife unit – DO NOT EVEN KNOW yet.  That is going to be very very odd.

But for now I will focus on work.  I am trying to tie up lose ends, get things in order, allow for an easy transition.  We’ll see how it goes, and I hope that what comes around (what I ask for) goes around (I can return).  I suppose this is what would happen if a man had a heart attack, or had to take a leave for some other reason, but let’s be honest, this is about the realities of women in the workplace.  And I thank my lucky stars every day that there are people here who get it, offer to help, seem excited to carry the ball for a while and are generally supportive. 

But all that said, it goes against the grain for me, and it still feels odd, uncomfortable and weird.