I know this might sound silly, but I realized last night that this is our last week, potentially our last DAY of being childless!  We are not quite at the due date (2/14) but really this could happen anytime.  And the meaning of that is a bit shocking.  Today I sit here at my desk – we have an apartment, two cats, a car, etc.  Tomorrow we could also have a kid.  Just as if we were to run out to the store later and decide to get one.  A kid.  One day no kid, next day, kid. 

Remember that movie, Three Men and a Baby?  All of a sudden on their doorstep was a kid.  That is kind of how this feels.  Imagine going to your front door right now and having a kid for the rest of your life.  Surprise!

Holy crap, as they say. 

Not that I have been unaware of the implications of being pregnant, but still.  Sometimes the reality of these things hits you like a sledgehammer. 

And don’t get me wrong, a good sledgehammer.  But a sledgehammer nevertheless. 

Kablaammmmm!  Kid.