I have a rare moment now when I have both hands available (my child LOVES to be held, and all of the conventional "wisdom" says you cannot spoil a newborn, so who am I to question?), so I thought I would jot down a few random thoughts:

  • I love black and white pictures of NYC from the 1930s and 1940s.
  • I graduated from high school nearly 20 years ago.  This is almost unbelievable to me.
  • We recently learned that our child’s first name means "Elf Ruler" and her middle name means "Elf Army".  No joke.  Luckily, her first name has other meanings, but what are the chances that we would pick two names related to elves?  And I don’t even like elves.  I mean, they are OK.  Elves are not as bad as clowns.  Clown Ruler would have been bad…potentially worthy of a name change.  But elves we can live with.  And what’s weird about it is she is destined to be tall.  We are tall.  She is already long, so she will likely be tall.  What do we think it means that we have named her an Elf Ruler?
  • My vocabulary has taken a dramatic turn in the last few weeks: paci, Dr. Brown, what color is her poo?, growth spurt, sleep when you can, "don’t you just LOVE the rainforest swing?", when did I last pump?, mommy’s group (funny, I have not heard of a daddy’s group yet), sleep sacks, spit-up, do I have enough burp cloths?, witching hour, Gripe Water, Pampers Swaddlers and the perfect swaddling technique…wipes wipes and more wipes…it’s like a whole new language.  And I can have full blown, long, in depth conversations with total strangers about all of this stuff – and ENJOY these conversations – without missing a beat.  It’s a new language, and a new world.
  • And the Knicks are dressed for St. Patty’s day today!  Nice.

Lastly, it’s a damn shame about Bear Stearns.  I am sure the firm made some major mortgage-backed errors, but I feel for those folks who work there.  I started my career at Kidder Peabody in 1994 right when the Joe Jett scandal hit and brought down the firm (nice timing).  Leaving work one day thinking everything is fine, and going in the next only to have the ceiling (and your career, finances, dreams, ideas about how you spend your time at work, etc. etc. crash down on you in an instant) is very very tough.  We are in for a wild ride.  Hang on folks, lots of our economy is built on psychology.

And now the moment passes.  The crying returns. It is the witching hour, after all (do you know what that is, the witching hour?).  So no more two hands.  it’s not all bad, I have learned to do a "Ctrl Alt Delete" with one hand.   Not bad for a new mom.