And here I am, shlumped over my kitchen counter, fork in hand, eating chocolate cake straight from the pan…I put the baby in the swing (foul number 1), got her to take her pacifier (crutch and foul number 2…my mother never made me take a pacifier…GUILT GUILT) and turned the swing on to rock her (BIG foul number 3) in order to get her to sleep.  To be clear, I know that the goal is motionless sleep, Silly New Mom, not crutch-induced sleep.

My fork somehow continues to make its way into the cake and then into my mouth.  I rationalize this Bad Mom Behavior (I wonder if my husband stresses about these things) by telling myself "It’s just tonight…today she had those nasty vaccinations and she feels terrible…TOMORROW I will get her to sleep naturally at 8PM with no use of habit-forming, you-will-regret-them-later, crutches."

As one friend of mine said, "It’s the greatest thing ever to have a child, but you have never felt so much guilt, and your mind never rests completely easy again, because you just want them to always be OK."

Thank goodness for simple guilty pleasures, like eating a quarter, OK HALF a chocolate cake by yourself while standing at the counter.