Go KU!  My mother’s side of the family is full of KU alums.  I had my first Jayhawk t-shirt before age 1 and my daughter has one now.  What a victory.

Watching KU reminds me of when I told me grandparents where I was applying to college.  A couple of Ivies, Duke and Georgetown…and Maryland, my safety school.  From my grandmother across the dinner table…silence.  Very long pause, and then finally, "No KU?  How will you find a husband?" 

She was totally serious, and gravely concerned.  Shock and dismay at my choices. 

"How will I find a husband?!?"  I laughed.  "Grandmother, I am not going there to find a husband.  I am going to get a good education, and I think Georgetown is a great choice for what I need." 

More silence.

"Well, in MY day, what girls needed was a husband.  What does your mother have to say about this?  She and I went to college to party and get married." 

"Dad went to Catholic.  Mom did not find a husband at KU."

My father chimes in "I don’t like where this conversation is going."

Grandmother glosses over that point.  More silence and pondering, and then "Dear, I don’t recall the Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter at Georgetown…is it strong?"

"There is no KKG at G-town.  The school does not have a Greek system."

Anxiously fingering her KKG fleur de lis pin (yes, she still wore it long into her 80s) "They don’t have a Greek system?  Why would you apply to such a boring school?  Again, the only reason for women to go to school is party and find a husband!"

At this point, I am sure I have entered the Twilight Zone.  I was having a serious conversation with my elders who were concerned my college choices involved too much studying.  The upside was, I loved the image of my grandmother "partying".  But what is one to do?  Out of respect, I could not be too dismissive of their concerns, they were, after all, my grandparents. 

I mustered up the most serious face I could find…"I understand your concern, I will try to have a good time.  I think it’s a risk worth taking.  I am confident one day, I will find a husband."

But the horror went on.  Both grandparents determined I was making terrible school choices and started the KU lobbying with my sister, writing me off as a lost cause, destined for a life of barren loneliness.

I know I was a major collegiate disappointment to them in choosing Georgetown…imagine the shame…the two of them at the Club drinking their bourbon and waters, lamenting to their friends that their oldest granddaughter would never marry because, foolishly, I had decided to study at school rather than join the keg stand brigade (little did they know that Georgetown does, in fact, have a rather robust social life…some would say too robust).  We could not even talk about the school’s basketball prowess since as soon as I got there the team started sucking. 

But if they were alive, they would be excited to know what I am thrilled to be distantly part of the Jayhawk family and its victory.  And perhaps they would take great relief in seeing that I did, indeed, find a husband…but I am sure would still ask "When is the last time Georgetown had such a great win?  Do you still think you made the right choice?"