When you are sad, use it as an opportunity to indulge.  Go buy a chocolate cake and a bottle of wine, and rent a very very sad movie.  Do not move from under a blanket on your couch until you have eaten much of the cake, had your fill of wine and watched the movie at least once.  Hopefully you are not sad often so you might as well make the most of it.

I don’t feel as old (or as grown up) as I thought I would at certain ages such as 30 and 35.  I am hoping this holds true as the years go on.

As a rule, use unsalted butter.

Expensive skin creams etc. are often a waste.  The occasional expensive skin treatment such as a lunchtime peel, is not.

It’s just as much fun to do kid stuff when you are an adult as when you were a kid.  Try drawing and painting.  Do not care if you suck.

Smile at people on the street.  It’s nice to do, sometimes they smile back, and if not, it’s funny to see how unnerved they are that a stranger is grinning at them.

Do not forget to print pictures every once in a while.  The digital age is leading to memories being tied up on computer hard drives and this is too bad, unless you are planning to share your computer with everyone.

Cooking does not have to be hard and it can be fun.

We are all more capable than we think we are.  Sometimes you just have to suck it up.

When someone offers to help, try saying yes.

If you live in NYC and have not been to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, you are missing out.

Much of Brooklyn is no longer territory for real estate pioneers.  Anyone from Manhattan who comes here and says something like that looks like an ass who never leaves the Island.

My daughter is making me a morning person and that is good.

For some reason I don’t know any nursery rhymes, so I have been singing Christmas carols to our child.  Picture it.  It’s pretty funny in April.

Handwritten notes are a pleasure to send and receive.

Sending someone a birthday card is a million times cooler than sending a birthday email.  In fact, sending a birthday email, unless your friend is living in Timbuktu and otherwise unreachable, is lame.

Two cats are just as easy as one, and more fun.

And no, I am not worried that the cats are going to do something bad to the baby.

If you are thinking of breaking up with someone and you say to yourself "I am just afraid if I leave it will kill him/her" get over yourself.  They will survive and take care of themselves.  Move on.

Allowing yourself to constantly bitch about something to others is annoying.  Be fun and stop being a pain.  Unless you just need to vent.  In which case, vent but then move on.

Barilla’s whole grain pasta tastes just as good as regular.  De Cecco’s does not.

Having uniform hangers in my closet makes me unusually happy.

And finally, a great thought I read the other day "If you must leave a party and you don’t have an excuse, spill something on yourself."