I recently went to see The Dinner Party at the Brooklyn Museum.  For those of you that know me, it’s no secret that I consider myself a feminist (and even more so now as a mother…I feel barraged every time I see an consumer products ad or a parenting magazine which are nearly ALL directed towards mommy, mommy, mommy…daddy anyone?).  Anyway, the exhibit is, in my view, a must see.  Women, at their own table, ready to have a ridiculously engaging conversation.  I think my personal favorite might be the seat for the Primordial Goddess.  What a phrase, Primordial Goddess.  Perhaps that is what I will be this year for Halloween.

In any event, as I continued my journey through the Museum, I was a little confused when I hit the Museum Shop.  Buried in the back behind books on New York City and Walking Tours of Brooklyn (the Siberia of the Shop) was a pile of t-shirts referencing feminism.  There was a sign.  The sign read "Global Feminist t-shirts 50% Off".

50% off?  The feminist t-shirts are on sale?  Half off?  Not even a mere 15% but HALF? 

So what to make of that, progress or a step back?  I am unsure.  What do you make of it?