And there she is in the swing, sound asleep. 

Do I move her?  She needs to sleep in her crib. What if I wake her.  She could be up for hours.

There is no alternative!  She cannot sleep in the swing.  It’s not safe.  How did she fall asleep there in the first place?

It just happened.  Time passed and I did not look at the clock.  Besides, it’s natural to fall asleep while being rocked.

But a bad habit.

It’s not a habit.  She has gone down several of the past few nights right in her crib – partly AWAKE, I might add.  She got herself to sleep in the crib.

So move her.  It should be fine.

<Three minute interlude>

And she is down in the crib.  Her eyes did not even open.  I closed the door, grabbed the monitor, and now we pray. 

Dear God, please let her keep sleeping for a while.  Perhaps this can be the night she sleeps through the night? 

One might be tempted to think this dialog happened between me and, oh I don’t know, someone ELSE.  But no, just me, talking to myself about moving my baby 20 feet. 

I had no idea I would think like this.  No clue.