People say having a baby changes your life and puts things in perspective for you.  I cannot disagree…these are pretty obvious effects of bringing a new being into the world.  What I did not count on was the outpouring of good wishes and overwhelming generosity of people far and wide.  These last few months have been extraordinary, and a solid reminder that we are not alone.  Now, I did not really feel alone, but it’s nice to be reminded overtly at times that people care.  So I don’t forget, I thought I would take a minute to jot down a few things that happened:

Friends from all over came to visit.  Some came to our house multiple times.  Some came from other cities to meet the new kid.  People are still coming…my godmother is making the trek from England in the fall to NYC to meet her. 

People sent gifts.  Tons and tons of gifts.  More than when we were married.  Gifts came from friends, people from work, family, people I had not spoken to in more than 20 years.  Yes, 20 years – family friends and a pom pom coach from high school sent gifts (you read that right, yes, I was on the pom squad.  Perhaps another post on that later).

People made food.  There was brisket, mac and cheese, and chicken salad.  Two friends arrived with a full array of meats and cheeses, then they baked a cake and we drank wine.  Another set of friends have arranged for a private chef to cook us a meal (a private chef!).  We are spoiled people.

People called to check in.  They called regularly even to just leave a message saying "thinking of you."  This made a huge difference in my level of happiness.

And before she even arrived, b-school friends and my sister threw me a party, a shower.  I resisted a shower, but then said "What the hell."  And it was great.  I received a million things I did not know I would need, and now I use them all the time.  There was sushi and chocolate cupcakes and sandwiches.  There were children’s books everywhere.  And again, people came from far and wide.  One friend who lives in CA showed up…she had just returned from a trip to the Seychelles, and a mere two days later re-boarded a plane and headed to NYC for a day and a half.  A day and a HALF. 

To say the least, all of this has rendered me near speechless, and wonderfully overwhelmed.  And it’s a good reminder to pick up the phone and call someone.  I am not sure I have been as good a friend to people at times like this, I am not sure I knew it would be so appreciated.  So lesson learned, and much appreciated.