I don't know where to begin.  I am stressed about something fairly major…

NO. STOP.  I am stressed about something fairly major, but I shall not bitch about it.  It's one of those things in life that is annoying but really, in the grand scheme it's not that bad.  It's short term.  It makes me mad now, but it won't in a year.  Or two.  A year or two, really.

Do you ever do this?  I vacillate when it comes to venting.  Sometimes, it helps, I think.  But most of the time,  for me venting just is a few minutes of repeating, and reliving, something irritating.  Won't I be better off if I just say STOP.  Move on.  Venting is expressing annoying thoughts.  Almost every time I do it, I find my blood pressure rises and it's not helpful.  I rarely, if ever, feel better after venting.

It's not January, but I can still make a resolution.  No more venting (or at least I shall decrease the amount of venting).  It's not helpful, it's annoying, it's boring and it's pointless.  And it's generally negative.

(P.S. I really did start this post thinking I would vent about said annoyance in this post.  And the "NO. STOP." was real time.  So, yes, this is my stream of consciousness.  And yes, I feel better for not venting.)