I am playing with an idea.  I think the advertising model needs to be turned on its head, or become more direct to me as a consumer.  Can someone create a service that is like consumer lead generation?  A service where I can create a profile saying what I am shopping for, my budget, my timing, and other preferences and then advertisers can come to me directly?  Example, I was in the market for a stroller a while ago.  I wanted something lightweight, easy to use and not too expensive.  Rather than my having to go out and research strollers, can't I put these and other preferences into a profile and then manufacturers can come to me with relevant products?  Perhaps this would be a un-implementable for advertisers/manufacturers.  I don't know.  Or perhaps I am just being lazy.  But I feel like product researching processes are harder than they should be and with today's targeting technology, I should just be able to say what I want, and have that product presented to me.