I went to a lunch today hosted by my graduate school, Harvard Business School.  It was not a large lunch, about 8 of us had been invited.  The purpose of the lunch was to get an update on what's happening at the school from one of HBS's marquee professors. 

I arrived and the only person there was the woman who works at HBS, whose job it is to organize these things.  I put on my name tag.  Her name tag, as the organizer, was different in style from mine.  A guy walks in, also an attendee.  He looks at both of us and says "Hi, I guess I am the first one here."

Interesting.  I was there.  He assumed, however, that I was an administrative organizer of the event rather than an HBS alum who had been invited to attend the lunch. 

Some will disagree with me, but I think that is a little odd.  Why do we think he would make that assumption?  Would he make that same assumption if I had been a man?