Just kidding.  But wouldn’t that be nice? 

A random smattering of what is happening in my head:

  • I am looking forward to doing crafts with my daughter. It’s been years since I played with finger paint. That said, I like her just the way she is and am not eager for her to get big too fast.
  • My idea of a perfect day starts with coffee and a warm almond croissant from Le Gamin a couple of blocks from my house.  I have an evil friend who subscribed me to a Croissant of the Month Club…I suppose I could start every day with coffee and a warm croissant thanks to her….if I wanted to be the size of a house (a small house, but a house nevertheless).
  • I find that since I have been a parent, a whopping 5 months now, I am way more attuned to images of children in the news and have a really hard time watching anything violent.
  • If I had to choose between Paris and Rome, I would choose Paris.  This sucks because my husband would choose Rome.  Well, thank god we don’t have THAT problem.  Phew!  
  • While thinking about making pasta for dinner, I spent a few moments in awe of pasta water.  Yes, that ever useful, starchy substance that has the surprising ability to pull a sauce together.
  • We are doing chimney work in our apartment.  Therefore, our living room looks like a crime scene…plastic and tape over everything.  Wait, I think I am missing a cat…
  • I truly believe that multi-tasking is a major problem in society. We are less efficient, we are worse listeners, we do many things half well, and we tell ourselves it’s a good thing.  Case in point, in my house we know we have a problem as it takes us 45 minutes to watch the 22 minutes of a 30 minute show.  The 45 minutes is not due to use of a Pause button, but rather Rewind.  We are either slow, or doing way too many things at once and missing just about all of it.  
  • I have an obsession with barns.  Red barns, old barns, abandoned barns, in-use barns, Blue Hill at Stone Barns (DYING to go here).  All things barns.
  • Did you hear that the salmonella tomato scare may actually be from jalapeno peppers?
  • On my bedside table: a bottle of bad-for-the-environment Fiji water, Alan Greenspan’s autobiography which seems completely outdated and irrelevant now; copies of The Black Swan and The History of Love, both as yet untouched; a Lucky magazine and the Nobu cookbook. 
  • My daughter is now almost 6 months old.  As I was reflecting on that the other night, it occurred to me that we only have 39 more periods of this same amount of time before she turns 20.  That does not seem that far away when I think of it in those terms.
  • Only 196 more days of George W. Bush!  But years to deal with and unwind his “legacy.”  Priceless.

Well, that’s it.  What is on your mind?