For those who find it hard to keep up with all of the ways to update the world on your life, I have a few questions:

Why text when you can Twitter?

Why Tweet when you can text?

Why email instead of text?

Why use Facebook messaging when you can email, or vice versa?

Why Facebook Wall versus Facebook Inbox?

And above all, why any of it when you can call?

Or perhaps write?  Yes, with pen and paper.   Write?

I am not trying to be a smart ass here, these are real questions I just realized I have.  As a user of all of these services (and more), I have never taken the time to map out how I use them, why I choose one over another, but it would be an interesting subject.  We all know that we do these things, but at least I, have not asked why one versus another.  And I cannot answer now, I have to go off and check my feedreader and then answer a work email and then maybe do something old fashioned like read…a book.