And you are STILL heading to the Hamptons for beach weekends away?  How sad.  You are SO five minutes ago.  I have a new destination for you.  It’s The Chelsea in Atlantic City.

Now don’t get all attitudish on me.  AC may have a terrible reputation (crime…people wasting away their retirement funds on slot machines…crime) but be bold!  Choose to see beyond the obvious and shed that lemming mentality!  Go to AC. 

The Big H has been slaving away for more than a year on this hotel.  It’s finally open, and I am shamelessly plugging it.  It’s going to be great!  Here are three reasons why it’s better than the Hamptons:

  • It’s closer: AC is a mere 2.5 hours away.  Drive out to Long Island for 2.5 hours and if you are LUCKY you’ll only have made it to Westhampton (the horror) in good traffic. 
  • It’s cooler: would you look at the rooms and the restaurants and the clubs and the beach amenities at the Chelsea? Where, I ask you, in the Hamptons can you dial up room service and have a tray of fried chicken delivered to you as you lounge away on a beach towel?  Ah, nowhere. 
  • You have the chance to win millions of dollars while visiting the Chelsea!  Just wander down to some other hotel to spend some time in a casino, and then stumble back to the non-casino Chelsea (much more civilized).  In the Hamptons, to the contrary, you can lose a million dollars just by going out to eat.

And the beaches are just as good.

So be a trendsetter.  Be an original.  Don’t be a lemming.  Check out AC.