I am starting a 100 push ups initiative.  I will not admit how bad my initial test was.  Let’s just say the road from here to 100 is looking long and troublesome.  But I shall push ahead!  Time to fend off the Hello Betties.

I wrote a business school recommendation for a friend this evening.  I cannot believe it’s been nearly 10 years since I graduated from b-school.  I guess it’s good that I still feel young.

I listened to this today at work: Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3 Op. 30.  More than just about anything out there, that work reminds me of being a kid.  My father is a huge classical music collector, I may have mentioned this before, and hearing this piece takes me right back to Hyattsville, MD around 6PM on any given night when I would be upstairs doing homework, waiting for dinner to be ready (thanks Mom), and Dad would be downstairs in the library listening to something like the Rach 3.  It might be my desert island music.

Big earthquake in LA today.  I go there a lot.  Or used to, before the baby.

Am now starting to feel the “working mom” time pinch.  There are about six events that I am trying to see if I can go to, and they would all require babysitting.  Balance: networking for business versus being home with baby.  Choices.  No good answers.

And other thoughts that crossed my mind: what’s for dinner?  What to do about the air in China?  How long will the current economic climate last before it gets better?  Cats or dogs?  I don’t believe in boxed risotto.  Texting is no substitute for talking. I have not finished a book in more than six months.  What is they key to customer acquisition on the web when you are asking said customers to pay?  I am hungry.  I am often hungry.  If foreign countries keep heavily subsidizing the price of oil, our current crisis will continue as those subsidies keep demand high throughout the world.  What the hell are we going to do?  Stay positive.  One day at a time.  Nope, that is not thinking big enough…what can we do about it in a big way?  What can I do?