Chapter XVII

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August 2008

TIR (Truth in Running)

Morning Run

Mileage: 2.438 miles

Time: 27 minutes

Pace: about 11 minute miles, on average.  SAD!  I used to average less than 10 minutes per mile…a 10% drop off is alarming!  Getting old.  And really slow…not that I was ever that fast, but 11 minute miles…ugh…

Nevermind all that.  It's not like I have been running regularly.  So, just keep on truckin'.  Keep on truckin'.

A New Way to Take in the News

Watching Hillary live on TV, and simultaneously watching postings and live feedback on Twitter, by organizations like the Huffington Post, is a pretty fascinating way to take in the news. 

Truth in Running, cont.

So, another 25 minutes this morning at yet again, a very slow pace. 

Why am I reporting this on a blog?  Public pressure, my friends, public pressure.  I have found that when it comes to working out, I am motivated by public pressure to do so.  You see, I ran a marathon many moons ago, and several half marathons including one about 16 months ago.  I have been a supporter of the New York Road Runners Club since 1995.  I have always needed to have a goal in order to keep going.  Don't know if that is good or bad, it just is.  I have also found that to keep going, I need to say it out loud, so my friends will hold me to it.  So I am going to provide snippets of progress on this blog.  Working out is one thing I have had trouble figuring out how to fit into this new life of career, travel, baby, friends, baby, rest, baby, career, sleep, family, friends…wait…anyway, you get my drift.  So why not inject a little public pressure to the mix, to push me out of bed at sunrise (not my best time of day) and get out there to work up a sweat.

If you have words of encouragement, feel free to send me a note.

By the way, total non sequitur…do you ever ask yourself, how are you a force for change?

Interesting Question

Next time you are at a table where the conversation is lagging, toss out the question "So, how many Olympic medals in total, would you guess India has won?"

Apparently, prior to Beijing, that number was a shockingly low 17.  As of today, India has won 3 more.  This was incredible to me, and definitely worthy of discussion.  Here is an article for you to do some back-up research. 

Truth in Running

Ran: 25 minutes (very slow pace, not tracking mileage yet; have sore back but went anyway)

Aging, and Acceptance

This is a really good article.  It does not really come to an answer, but it expresses questions and conflicts about aging and expectations, and reconciling dreams with reality that I have been struggling with for a while now.  Take a read if you have a minute.

What happened?

I arrived at my office today and barely remember the trip. I was reading on the subway, but barely remember the article. How the hell did I get here?

Having a twilight zone moment.

This is not a good way to start the day. Hot sauce and caffeine to the rescue!

The Pile

Back from vacation

Digging out

Digging out from pretty far under

But that is ok

It would be REALLY scary if there were no pile

And I have not talked to friends in ages

Been head down with work and family

Is that what life balance means? Something has to give? I suspect so.

You have can everything, just not all at once.

Back to the pile


I don't know why Typepad is insisting on inserting little boxes into my posts.  That's their doing, not mine.

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