Pen or pencil? (pens; Pilot p-500, extra fine, black)

Bar Pitti or Da Silvano? (for sure, Bar Pitti)

Starbucks or Dunkin coffee? (Dunkin, or coffee cart)

Rain or snow? (snow)

Beach or lake? (wow.  don't know.  if I had to choose, forever and ever more, I suppose I would go beach)

IE or Firefox? (depends on if I am at home or work.  Work requires IE – don't laugh or scoff – and at home, generally Firefox, except when I need to access my work VPN)

Mercedes or BMW?  (stupid question. we drive a VW)

Christmas or Thanksgiving? (another toughy.  if I had to have only one, I would take…Christmas.  You can have the same meal, be surrounded by the same people, plus you get presents and you can sing carols.  I don't know of any Thanksgiving ditties).

Coffee or tea? (coffee.  tea is only good with scones, clotted cream, a glass of champagne and strawberries)

OK then, so caffeine or decaf? (oh please.)