Chapter XVII

because you never know someone from the very beginning


August 2008

This or That

Pen or pencil? (pens; Pilot p-500, extra fine, black)

Bar Pitti or Da Silvano? (for sure, Bar Pitti)

Starbucks or Dunkin coffee? (Dunkin, or coffee cart)

Rain or snow? (snow)

Beach or lake? (wow. don't know. if I had to choose, forever and ever more, I suppose I would go beach)

IE or Firefox? (depends on if I am at home or work. Work requires IE – don't laugh or scoff – and at home, generally Firefox, except when I need to access my work VPN)

Mercedes or BMW? (stupid question. we drive a VW)

Christmas or Thanksgiving? (another toughy. if I had to have only one, I would take…Christmas. You can have the same meal, be surrounded by the same people, plus you get presents and you can sing carols. I don't know of any Thanksgiving ditties).

Coffee or tea? (coffee. tea is only good with scones, clotted cream, a glass of champagne and strawberries)

OK then, so caffeine or decaf? (oh please.)

getting older and smacked around

I have a friend who is turning 36.� I am 36.� Every year she rejects getting older.� This year she suggested a celebration at Denny's for the Blue Plate special.� I sent her this email in response to her birthday invite:
"you and this age thing.
shift your mindset.
thank god there are no more term papers
be happy there are fewer (if any) pimples
and you don't have to ask your parents for the car keys
or money
or permission to be out
and be glad you are not in your twenties. what good were we then? we were all promise and no action. well, not entirely true, but let's face it, it was the decade of potential. this, the 30s and afterwards, is the time of realizing that potential and its associated benefits.
besides, what was age appropriate 10 years ago: shorter skirts (ick), feathered hair (are you kidding me), dancing on tables (who needs to have one's skirt looked up), keg stands (your ceiling is far too expensive to suffer that kind of damage), college football games (you can still go, only now you can afford better seats); and remember the music?� how bad was our music in our twenties?� I mean, Hootie?� you cannot be serious.� Counting Crows?� ok, not so terrible, but really not that great. It had it's time, and now, thankfully, we have moved on.� Embrace this decade.� It has so much more to offer.
so be the leader you are and think differently.� it's so passe, and so, well, immature to reject your age. �it's something insipid women on Bravo TV shows "The Housewives of…" would do. �and we hate women like that.� they are on the fast track to looking like cat women with their facelifts and over-botoxing (it DOES have its place, I admit).� but in general, you want no part of it.� you don't need it.
be a leader
think Demi Moore and Michelle Pfeiffer. �and, yes I will go there, Madonna. and Bono. �he's old, and he rocks. please do not think Mick Jagger. just let that go.
age is wisdom
age is better shoes
age is not needing to be heard but rather, actually being listened to
age is confidence in your choices
as your older and, I will say it, wiser friend, you need to listen to me, or, as your elder, I will be offended if you don't. so happy early birthday"

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