Every so often I like to feel a little good about myself (don't lie, you do too).  I do lots of things to accomplish that goal…so after I finish rolling in caps and gowns from years past, staring at photos of my daughter, admiring my hot husband, reading brilliant essays on ladybugs composed when I was six (ok, seven) and being glad that I have yet to succumb to Botox (putting off the inevitable), I put on my wedding dress and..oops, anyway…I re-read this blog to see what the hell I am all about and what's been on my mind. 

There are several things on this blog that I re-read and say "WHAT the ?" to myself, and others that I read and say "Oh yeah, ok, yeah…" or "Damn, that was pretty good."  It's easy to forget what you've been thinking about over a few months…or at least, easy for me, so that is why I write.  As I re-read, these are the posts that stood out, for a variety of reasons.  

Selecting a VC
Interviewing Skills
The Hamptons
Hopes and Dreams for my daughter
Gorillas on the subway, of course
Maternity Leave
More Reasons I love to cook
Perhaps the funniest email I have ever read
Dear God, what the! !?@?!!