It's been a few days

There has been no running

There has been much food and drink consumption, thanks to our attendance at a wedding in Germany over the weekend.  Does dancing count?  I think yeah!  My feet are still burning, and I cannot feel my left little toe.  Signs of a good wedding.

I have recently connected with several people from high school and have been reminded that I graduated nearly 20 years ago.  Dear GOD.

I am way behind in work reading – Google launched a browser and the whole VC world had something new to talk about again (the constant rehashing of MSFT/Yahoo has finally been replaced).  It's amazing to me that I can unplug for only a few days and come back to thousands of newsfeeds.  And it was the last week of August, for heavens sake.

My husband keeps threatening to shave the cats.  If it happens, I will definitely post before and after pictures. 

I have several other real topics I would like to write about, but those wil have to wait.  I am busy watching 90210…just kiddin' ya'll :-) 

I AM busy watching Obama's acceptance speech (thank you, DVR.  Mean mean CNN Germany clearly prefers McCain – we saw zero coverage of Obama while we were away.  It was all McCain and Gustav all the time.)  I think Barack did a nice job – I got teary during the life story video.  He could have skipped the Greek god imagery, but let me not be critical.   

And of course - Palin's daughter is knocked up!  The story just gets more interesting every day. VERY savvy choice – they will, of course, need a hook for the Jamie Lyn Spears voters 🙂