A sampling of thoughts running through my head today:

Pants or skirt?  Pants.

Wow, after a weekend of waking every two hours, Avery slept through the night again.  Thank god.

Flats or heels?  Flats.

Please let the subway not be late…or I will be.

"Yo, Home Slice!  I said CREAM, not skim, in my coffee!"  Oh wait, that was not a thought…I said that out loud.  Anyway, continuing on…

I will stand by policy of keeping my office light off for at least half the day.  Every little bit helps to reduce the global footprint.

I know there is more to this.  There has to be.

If a company is going 100 miles per hour, that can mean if it hits the wall, it hits that much harder.  OK, slow down a bit and drive defensively.

No, I cannot take that call.  Please have them send me an email.

Be on that advisory board?  Uhmmm, yeah!  Thanks for asking.  That would be cool.  Hello [organization to be disclosed later when the news is public].

I guess I should never run for office.  I blame Americans and our consumptive, keep up with the Jones', look for someone to blame for our own failings, credit-driven culture for a lot of our problems right now. 

Why the hell can't I pickup our internal wifi signal from my office? 

Who is making it more fun for kids to do schoolwork?  For teachers to be more effective?

Avery is baptized now.  I wonder how she will feel about that at age 20.

Life without email.  What was that like?

Why can't I categorize my Twitter feeds through a tabbed interface? 

OOOHH – Jamba Juice.

If I see "out-innovate" in this presentation one more time…I don't want to compete on feature/function. 

I now feel like the picture of modern motherhood – I learned through IM from my nanny today that Avery just started saying "Ma ma ma ma!"  I guess that is better than a text message.

Better check in for my flight.

Typepad's blog post editor is pretty terrible.