aw, hell, I don't really know.  just busy.  work has been busy.  working with lots of companies to figure out how to navigate 2009.  family?  busy.  busy busy busy.  parents have this way, like children, of not staying the age you always remember them being.  they age.  time goes by.  I have been trying to spend time with family. then, of course, there is my immediate family, husband and child.  I almost missed seeing the first few crawls.  she says lots of MaMaMas and DaDaDas.  it's pretty sweet.  and husband – yes, husband.  it's important to always be "a couple" even with all of the hulabaloo of life.  don't coexist.  don't JUST be parents. be a couple.  that has also made us busy.  and then self.  not so much of that lately.  that's not true. there has been some.  for instance, i enjoy cooking.  tonight I made dinner and baby food.  chalk up two points in the Self category.

so that, is where the F I have been.  you?