The new baby, not mine, is crying downstairs.  I remember those days.  It's funny how when it was us, we felt panicky, but listening to another's child, you just know it's doing what babies do.

Been a challenging day, for a few reasons but to make matters worse, we met with our tax guy today about 2008.  More check writing.

The weather has been rainy but wonderful.  I love weather like this.

I just finished reading a board package for a meeting tomorrow.  The company is doing pretty well, so that is something to feel good about.  While reading said package, I left a container of chocolate chip cookie dough on the table.  Next to me.  Let's just say I took care of it.  That package won't be hurting anyone, anymore.

Rocky IV is on TV.  I love the training scenes, though could skip the Russian in the white iridescent tights.  But the music – oh what a score!  If that does not make you feel all '80s and workout prone, I don't know what does.  I am going to head out tomorrow in the snow and find myself a log to carry while I run to the top of a mountain!

Dinner tonight was a hot dog pasta that our babysitter made for herself and in the nicest way said "I would love for you to try some!" 

Thoughts of calling Dad today to mention something to him: 1100

Times I have snuck in to look at Super Baby asleep tonight: 4

Man this Rocky score just does not quit.  Hearts On Fire, baby!