Just made myself a midnight snack.  My midnight these days is 10PM (I swear, a few years ago my midnight was 2AM.  Really.  I used to be fun.)

The snack was a rather sublime plate of scrambled eggs with leek confit (new obsession) and goat cheese.

One of the last things I did for my dad was make him a plate of scrambled eggs.  That was about three weeks ago.  I think he liked them.  And we served him burnt toast too – just like he liked it.

My mom has my dad at home now.  He is sitting on the steps (cremated).  I suspect she kind of likes him there.  He is near the cremated dog, also at home.  A little too macabre for you?  Wimp.

My daughter has learned to wave.  It's about the cutest thing I have seen ever.

Talked to my friend today who runs Vocation Vacations.  Try out your dream job.  I just love that company.  It's the little company that could, with a great mission – helping people find job satisfaction.

This is about the most stressful time in life I have witnessed yet, in all of my 36 years.  There is change, flux and or stress in almost all areas.  A lot of proverbial plates spinning.  And it's happening all around, with most people I know.  And I feel a tense sense of calm, if that makes any sense.  Calm with a hint of edge, at any moment the breeze could blow me off of my otherwise solid perch and over the cliff.  Crazy times we live in, friends, crazy times.  But good in many ways, many that I am sure we cannot fully appreciate now.  For me and my family, there are remembrances, more efficient living, hunkering down and appreciating what we have rather than focusing on acquiring things we don't have.  And someone wise once said, the key to happiness is wanting what you have.  Well, given everything going on right now in the world, perhaps we can all come through this on cloud nine.