So will make this quick.  This day has been full of a lot and a little.  Today I thought about my addiction to a variety of web services, including a new one,, where I connected with a friend of mine who is one of the most amazing hip-hop writers/music reviewers of our time.  I also flew 3,000 miles and miss my child being so very far away.  I had a drink with a couple of work colleagues at Shutters.  I missed my husband, but we had a great chat this evening.  I continued to be inspired by our (my firm's) investments generally, and had a really go-get-em chat with a new contact about education investing. 

I connected with a couple of people on Facebook who I knew/know but would like to know better.

There was no exercise.  There was a little wine.

I wrote a first draft of a strategy session document for one company and built a liquidity table for another (love Excel).

I spoke briefly to a friend about how we can perk up another friend.

Said a quick hello to my mom.  Wondered in amazement that Thanksgiving is a week away.  Tried not to be upset thinking Dad is not here for it.  Though, he would say it's no big loss since he did not love turkey anyway.  You gotta' laugh, you know.

And I was really upset to learn that an acquaintance had died.  I had a three hour conversation with this person only 2 months ago at a party at a friend's house.  We argued about the viability of an online food business.  He was a successful business person, father, husband.

So on that, I thought about these times we are living in.  It passes too quickly, you know.  And nothing really matters, I believe this, but your friendships and family.  If you have to give up your home, buy cheaper shoes, eat beans.  It does not matter.  And if you don't believe me, take one step towards living that way and call a friend.  Say hi.  Ask how they are and listen.  Don't multi-task.  Have a real conversation and realize, that is all that matters.