I wish men would take up a little less space on subway seats. Close your legs, just a tad, would ya? Dinner? Leftovers. I cannot believe it’s almost Christmas. At least the market did not tank today, and a friend kept his job at an i-bank doing layoffs. I wonder if my plug for Tutor.com made it onto the MTV led screen in Times Square? Is there a Knicks game tonight. Someone smells like sauerkraut. Started using drop.io today and am finding it really useful. Yeah! Heading over the Manhattan Bridge. Two people singing on the train…one praying. Almost everyone is looking at a screen. Ooooohhh, Top Chef tonight! If I were a thief I could snag this woman’s wallet. (tap tap tap). She appreciated the heads up and zipped her bag (CHECK for good deed of the day). Get to put Avery to bed tonight. First time since Sunday as I had plans the last two nights.