A few minutes to jot down some notes on resolutions.  Consider this a rough draft of things I would like to add to my life (or subtract) in 2009, starting now…

Homemade pasta
Crossword puzzles
Dinner parties
Walking.  Lots more walking.
Early morning yoga.
Less coffee
Maybe more tea
More regular contact with friends (phone and in person – hello!)
Actually finishing a few books.  2008 was a terrible year for reading for me.
More impromptu…generally.
Photos into a scrapbook (real photos I mean, not just those online) with commentary
Beyond the boroughs exploration
Industry outreach
Earlier to bed
Focus focus focus
Do one thing at a time, seriously.

Curious what others are doing – or thinking about – beyond the usual exercise more, save more, drink less, blah blah.  Creative resolutions?