• Do you ever worry that you will live your life on the edge of greatness?
  • I have learned life is all about perspective.  On my flights out
    and back to San Fran last week, the menu offered a "Pre-Arrival
    Refreshment of Sparkling Water with Citrus Garnish".  Never have I
    heard a glass of club soda described with such flourish.  Optimists,
    those American Airlines folks are.
  • Tonight I had quite possibly the worst dinner I have had in months
    – all because of whole wheat pasta.  No good deed goes unpunished.
  • There were times last week when I was so tired I could not fall asleep.  Cruel and unusual punishment.
  • Feeling a little "ahh, well" and "ho, hum" these days.
  • But determined to BUCK UP! 
  • I am having frequent flashes of what my life felt like when my dad was alive – and then in an instant, the feeling goes away. 
  • I love how the snow sticks more in Brooklyn than Manhattan, even if
    it means I am more likely to wipe out walking to the subway…which I
    did the other day, only to have some asshole honk.  Seriously?  You are
    HONKING!  Dude, I FELL! 
  • I need a book recommendation.
  • I wonder what it's like to live in Savannah, Georgia.
  • Was it really 10 years ago that I graduated from business school?
  • Braising a pork shoulder right now.  There is nothing like the smell of braised something in the oven.
  • Tempted to watch "24" but the husband is not home yet…he may have to watch it on his own.
  • I may stop watching the news.
  • And seeing people for lunch.  It's all just so depressing.  NYC is like a nuclear war zone these days.  Not just jobs, but companies and dare I say, industries, have ceased to exist.  It's all people talk about.  And there is talk about the tech industry saving NYC.  Really?  I invest in that industry.  No doubt, it has promise, but not when businesses with no idea how they will generate revenue continue to "thrive" because they get funded.  That is false achievement.  Go ahead, call me a revenue snob.  You would still be wrong, I am a PROFIT snob.
  • I am drinking more tea these days.
  • I need to be walking more.  I read the other day that the average American walks 1.4 miles per week.  TOTAL.  That includes all steps – in the house, from the car to the store, every last one.  If that is true, how pathetic is that!  More walking = lower fuel emissions and lower health care costs as people get into better shape.  Brooklyn and NYC in general is pretty walker friendly.  Is your town walker friendly?  If it's not, try to make it so. 
  • Enough chastising and depressing talk.  Need a little inspiration (or a lot)?  Look here: Cycle for Survival This is a charity my friend started.  She has a rare form of cancer and rather than being upset about it (though, I know she has her moments) she chose to run at it head on and raise as much money as humanly possible to find a cure.  I hate to say that it has become my annual workout (I used to be in shape.  Really) but yesterday – in ONE day – she raised more than $1,000,000 for her treatment center.  One person, rallying a lot of other people, pulling the pieces together to say "F U CANCER!".  Check it out.  Be inspired to DO STUFF, create something, face a challenge head on.  I need some of that these days as we enter this period of economic oblivion (sorry, but the word "downturn" just does not quite cut it – this is a drastic situation and we all need to recognize it as such) and Jen Goodman Linn provides just that and more.