1. I am a preacher's kid and though my upbringing was not really like
what's her name's in Footloose, there are aspects of that movie that I
can relate to.

2. I knew from age five that I would live in Manhattan. I NEVER thought
I would move off of the island. Now, I live in Brooklyn and fantasize
about getting even further out of the city.

3. I thought my dad "owned" our church and all of the related property.

4. Building on #3, I once charged admission to the church playground. I
made money. As an eight year old. Charging neighborhood kids to use the
church playground. If there is a god, I need to do some repenting.

5. I secretly wish I were a pop star, not because I can sing (I cannot
– but that does not seem like a prerequisite for the job) but because I
love to dance. This becomes not such a secret when the music starts
playing and I put on my fancy dance moves.

6. Though I cannot sing, I once played Sister Margaretta in the Sound
Of Music. I had a solo. I made sure that I performed my solo while the
audience was still clapping for the soloist who sang before me.
Clearly, I showed strategic thinking and survival skills at a young

7. I was – yes – the captain of the Pom Pom squad in high school. It
gets better, I was the treasurer when I was a junior. I loved being on
poms and credit all of my rhythm to those days.

8. I was not a good captain. I hated making up routines and am not a good choreographer.

9. That said, I got to perform at Disney World once (as did the rest of
the squad) and was invited to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day
Parade. My parents said "No" to the latter as it meant I would miss two
days of school. In the spirit of you only live once, to this day I
think that was a mistake.

10. In 1999, I quit working at Goldman Sachs to go work for Russell Simmons. Great career move.

11. In 2000, I decided to work for Primedia rather than Def Jam Records. Not such a great career move.

12. I hate listening to people talk about their dreams. Not dreams like
life dreams, rather, dreams like "Last night I had the craziest dream"
dreams. It's a pet peeve. I cannot explain it. I prefer to live in
reality and focus my energy there, I suppose.

13. I think my sister is about the funniest person I know.

14. I am a pretty darn good cook. I keep goose fat in my refrigerator.
I always have fresh chicken stock. Right now I am researching Italian
festival foods as that will be my next area of focus.

15. More on #14, one day I would like to own a food store, a food cart,
a food truck or all of the above, perhaps serving Italian festival

16. I am really really good at MSFT Excel. I used to be great at it. I
would have put my excel modeling skills up against any other Wall
Street analyst with no fear that I could build company projections
faster, more accurately and more elegantly than anyone else out there.

17. I realize that 15 years into my career, #16 is not something to be proud of anymore.

18. I achieved Executive Platinum status on American Airlines (flying
100,000 miles in one year) the year I was pregnant. That equates to
about 20 or so trips back and forth to CA in one year.

19. I met my husband in a bar in 2000. We shacked up in 2003.  He bought me two cats in 2004, at which point I said to myself "Hmmm, he likes cats, cats live a long time, he must want to be with me for a long time."  In 2005 we got engaged, and in 2006 we got married.  We still have the cats.  We really want a dog.

20. I absolutely love to go fishing. My husband taught me to fish. I am
now learning to drive the boats. I am also pretty good at tying the
knots that go along with boat management.

21. I almost got straight A's as a sophomore in high school, did get
straight A's as a junior, then as a senior, got really bored, accepted
admission to Georgetown, stopped doing homework or even trying, and
ended the year with two C's in addition to more B's than A's. I wrote
about this as a mistake when I applied to Harvard Business School. They
seemed to buy my story.

22. I once ran the NYC Marathon and still count it as one of my
proudest days. Years later, right before I got pregnant, I completed a
half-marathon. I have barely run three miles since then but ANY day now
I will start again!

23. I won a pancake eating contest in first grade on Shrove Tuesday.
Apparently I ate 22 pancakes and washed it all down with an orangcicle.
I have no way to confirm that this is true, but I remember eating,
winning and the number 22…and the look of astonishment on the faces
around me. What can I say. I was a growing girl.

24. Despite all social media evidence to the contrary (twittering, a
blog, facebook participation), I am more of an introvert than an

25. #24 is clearly debatable by yet another fact – I proudly have a bra
on the bar at Hogs and Heifers. Said bra landed on the bar after I
danced on the bar and they offered free whisky shots to those of us
that tossed our bras onto the bar. What? I was young and living in NYC
was expensive! Drinks cost a fortune. You would have done the same