A friend of mine died yesterday.  His name was Martin Schaedel.  He could be found online at Hello Martin and Flickr stream.

He died in a tragic plane crash at the Santa Monica Airport.

The LA Times has an article on him here

My husband and I had just had him over for dinner a couple of weeks ago.  I met him through work about a year and a half ago.  As you can read from the article, he was a man of the world.  When he passed through NY he would always reach out even for coffee.  I am not sure I ever met anyone so interested in meeting new people.  He was an adventurer and a free spirit.  I got the impression he really liked meeting people's families and hanging out with them as much as he loved his jet-setting lifestyle.  He was a child of the world.

He was young.  Maybe 23.

He certainly died doing what he loved.  I hope we can all say the same.  He taught me many things in the very brief time I knew him, but one lesson, live every day as if it's your last, is one I think I will always associate with Martin.