I like to pass along something good when I find it…especially recipes…unless a recipe is so good I need to keep it a secret to bolster my image as SUPERMOM/WIFE.

This one is pretty damn good, and besides being tasty, has several other benefits that deserve sharing, such as:

It is good for you.
It is cheap.
It is REALLY quick to make.
It looks awesome on a plate.

Too bad it was not my idea, but so be it.  The NYTimes came up with it – Quick Steamed Flounder with Garlic and GreensHere is a link.

My husband and I add red pepper flakes at the same time as the garlic and ginger go into the pan.  We like it hot.  Hot food clears out your sinuses and puts hair on your chest.  Foul.  Scratch that last point. 

So next time you are looking for a fast, nutritious, flavorful meal that makes everyone around you wonder how you did it, oh my goodness you are a wonder in a kitchen, try this.  I hope you like it as much as we do.

Also, for you single folks out there, this would be a GREAT way to impress a date.  And a way to test their culinary chops.  If they can't take the heat, throw them out of the kitchen!