All damn day I have been singing the hated Sheryl Crow (sorry to those that like her)…but I cannot seem to get the "All I Wanna Do" song out of my head because it starts with "This is LA" and that is where I am now.  LA.

I am still not adjusted to daylight savings or whatever we are on now.  A sign of age?

I went to a technology conference today and of the maybe 800 people there I counted about 25 women (not a formal count).  But really?  25?  Are we really that under-represented in tech?  Where are you, ladies?  There were companies there presenting about media, technology, education, music, games, social networking…almost all by men.  Really?

The Chinese food in LA is sometimes better than what you get in NYC.  HERESY.  I know, it's shocking.

Man, the weather here is NICE.  I am not out here as often as I once was, and wow, it hit me today.  It is nice.

The other night, my mom, sister and I each had Dad show up in our dreams.  Coincidence?  You tell me. 

I think the Internet is making me more A.D.D.  I'm sorry, what did you say?  Oh right, I was speaking.  Anyway.  GOD.  I used to regularly read lots of books.  I can now barely make it through a magazine article.  Thoughts on this?  Next.

I think the finance function is not well appreciated in young companies.  It can be so much more than just bookkeeping and accounting (with all due respect to bookkeepers and accountants).

If I were to start an offline business, something small, it would be a day care center, a gourmet food store or something like that.  Something tells me that even though these are "small businesses" they are full time jobs and would make very bad (and costly) hobbies.

I think adults need to create more than we do.  We ask our kids to paint and hand them brushes.  When is the last time you created something rather than just consumed something?  I have a fleeting fancy dream of creating a non-profit around this idea – getting adults to create more, experiment more, do more.  Be a force of actual creation and not just consumption in this world.

I was going to say hi to someone today at the conference and tripped over a wire and almost wiped out in front of about 20 people.  Oh yeah, that was me.  Lady Wipe Out.  Miss Tripper. 

Did you watch American Idol tonight?

Why am I awake?  I got up at 4:30AM in NYC this morning after having gone to bed around midnight.  Why am I awake?

It's a real bummer at times like this when you are minding your own business and you get a craving for french toast.

Last night I got home from a work dinner around 10PM.  I was a little bummed because I had left early for a breakfast meeting yesterday, so effectively, I had not seen my daughter since Sunday, which sucked because I am in CA almost all week.  So I went in to look at her last night and OOOPS, my footsteps might have woken her a bit so she needed to be held for a minute before going back to sleep.  Naturally, I obliged.  I felt bad though since I really should not have walked in there to peek at her, risking waking her up.  Bad mommy moment.

The DOW was up today. 

Go make something.  See that plant on the table across the room?  Draw it.  Yes, now.  Even a quick sketch. 

Sorry for being blunt and bossy tonight.