Oh wherefor art thou, Springtime!

That McDonald's Fillet o' Fish commercial is irritatingly catchy; I laugh every time I see it.  I would be more inclined to watch commercials if they were entertaining.  Or, meaningful to me.  We will be in the market for a car in about a year.  I would love to put some specs out there somewhere and have targeted ads come to me via TV.  We may refinance our mortgage soon.  We are always looking for engaging toys for Avery.  I need a few new pair of shoes.  Hello, Brands…any takers? 

I am a total sucker for cheesy Goo Goo Dolls songs.

My HBS 10th reunion is coming up this May.  I am truly stunned that I graduated from business school a decade ago.  It flew.  I guess that means I have been having a good time.

Just started using the convection feature on our oven.  Pretty excited about it.  Almost as good as the self-cleaning feature, which is really really good.

How are you feeling these days about life and the economy?  My sense is that we are all getting used to the challenges of the last several months, and maybe realizing life goes on, one foot in front of the other and we will be ok.  It's tough, but we will be ok.

Need a little inspiration?  Check out this organization: Do Something.  Kids with major impact.

If you know of a company that has great video content for kids or moms, contact me.  I have a company with fantastic distribution for kids and moms and they are looking for TV programming.

As hard as it is out there, I feel truly lucky that my daily work is interacting with entrepreneurs that still think they can change the world, or at least some piece of the world.  Surrounding yourself with optimists is a great life strategy.  If I do say so myself.

Note to self, add more backgammon to life.  Maybe chess and perhaps poker as well.  Would also love to learn to play bridge.

Avery piano I may have mentioned before that my dad had a massive collection of classical recordings.  At its height, he probably had about 10,000 LPs, 5,000-6,000 CDs, and several thousand cassettes.  Then add in the books and magazines about classical music that he had been collecting since age 5.  He especially loved classical piano.  He would have loved this picture.