I try to put my daughter to bed most every night and I do not always succeed.  Typical weekday ritual: home around 7pm, complete Olympic-like relay baby hand-off with nanny, grab milk, put baby to bed by 7:15.  Tonight I will not do this; rather…

Tonight I am heading to an event to remember the life of a friend who died not too long ago.  He was 23.

I moved offices yesterday.  I had a nice corner office with two sides of windows.  Only problem was, it was drafty and freezing most all of the time.  I now have a smaller but warm office.  Unexpected benefit: moving offices forces you to throw things away and the overall change of venue can be refreshing.  And, as a NYC resident, I am not comfortable with lots of space.  I prattle about too much.

Further on the office move, I have found that moving offices, re-arranging furniture and going through a closet can be great ways to deal with loss or change.  Each activity feels like a rebirth of sorts and I now realize, these are ways I have often coped with change.  And it's worked.

My new office looks into the Conde Nast offices.  I may purchase a spy glass to see if I can get an early glance at next month's Vogue.

Do you know how to properly use "everyday" versus "every day"?  Click here.

I have had a terrible Lent.  No discipline.  No give up, really.  No sacrifice.  I simply don't know where my head has been. 

I had a friend tell me the other night that when he happened across my blog, he backed up to day 1 and read every single post.  And he said he felt he got to know me much better than he had through our face to face interactions!  I was flattered and fascinated.  First off, it was really cool to have someone spend that time reading this.  Second, it's amazing that we can express ourselves so differently from one medium to the next.  Or maybe we just express more in one place versus another.  Anyway, interesting learning.  I have said before I am very curious what other friends would write about if they blogged.  I only know a few of the authors of blogs I regularly read.  And with two exceptions, none of them are friends.  They are all business relationships.

I almost never read business books.

There was a time in life when I ran not every day but several times a week.  I need to become a morning person to make that happen now.  That also means I need to be less of a night person.  Both changes sound herculean to me.

I have been unsubscribing a lot lately.  Pairing back. 

Do you have daily rituals that make you happy?  I don't really (other than morning coffee) but have been thinking about this lately.  Some people always read the paper.  Others read a poem a day.  I try to eat at least one thing a day that I have cooked; I try to talk to a family member every day.  I try to have a couple of real phone conversations with friends over the course of a week (not an email or facebook conversation – rather, phone, live chat).  I love routines and rituals and learning about other peoples' habits (some people eat radishes every day; others start each morning by sharpening pencils; then there are a whole bunch of people who don't feel whole if they miss Jon Stewart.) 

What do you do?