Dear Mr. Abrams:

It’s a sad day when I wish had not consumed a cupcake.  Today is that day.  It’s not because I have an issue with eating food like cupcakes, or am trying to lose weight.  Nothing like that.  Rather, it was just a bad cupcake.  Cupcakes hold such promise, a small bit of joy.  To eat a bad one is worse than eating say, a bad sandwich, because you just don’t have the same level of expectation with a sandwich.  Cake and frosting – it has to be good!

It was not.  I had a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting.  The cake was dry.  The frosting tasted more like sugar than chocolate, with no reference to buttercream whatsoever.  I love the buttercream.  I have had many a Magnolia cupcake of the same variety and I bet I could identify one with my eyes closed.  But this one, well, this one could just as easily come from Key Food or D’Agostino’s.  Truly, a disappointment.

Maybe I just got a bad one, or perhaps my tastebuds have changed.  Or, I could be alone here – if sales are through the roof and people seem to love them on the whole, then count me and my tastebuds as the outlier.  But at 2PM I was practically alone in the store (49th and 6th, by the way).  Based on the lack of traffic, I suspect something isn’t right and it just might be the cupcakes.

There is good news.  As I walked back to my office with the cupcake box in hand, no fewer than five people asked me what was in the box.  Perhaps it was the spring in my step (cupcake eating anticipation walk) that attracted attention, but I think not.  People are excited about cupcakes and wanted to know where I got one.

Lastly, perhaps I am not your target consumer, but I doubt that.  I have attached my bio below for a bit of context on who I am, for what that is worth.  I do hope you will take this feedback to heart.  Magnolia is such a great brand and it would be a shame to see it tarnished by less than delicious cupcakes.

Kind regards,