Breaking news!  Just moments ago I received an email from Magnolia in response to my note, postedMagnolia below.  I have written back and thanked her for reaching out.  In these days of challenging economic  times and companies turning inward for survival, it's refreshing to have a company reach back out in response to feedback – and in this case, really really quickly.  Also, it's great to know that there is someone on the other end – that companies are more than just Facebook fan pages (typically, lame) but they are people.

Kudos, Magnolia.  I will go back (and will ask for the always delicious Hummingbird Cake, if they have it handy).

Hi Kylie,

I’m so sorry to hear of your bad experience at the
Rock Center
location.  Thank you for taking the time to write and let us know. 
We thrive on customer feedback and always value the opportunity to right a
wrong and learn from our mistakes.    

Thanks for providing the details of the cupcake type and the
time—I’m going to speak with the managers and bakers to see if we
can track down the problem.  We make the cupcakes in small batches
throughout the day to ensure we present the world with the freshest goodies
that we can.  I can assure you that we do not use mixes, packages,
pre-made batter, preservatives or artificial flavorings; we make everything here
on the premises from scratch.   We also make every effort to control
the temperatures in the stores, but with the crazy hot one day, cold the next
weather, we have to work extra hard to guard our goodies from the adverse
affects of mother nature!

You mentioned that you have had quite a few Magnolia
cupcakes in the past.  I hope that one bad cupcake will not cancel out
your fond memories of past delicious cupcakes.  I see from your bio info
that you have a daughter (and that you and your husband frequently cook at
home), and I’d love to send you our cookbook and perhaps you can create
some fond Magnolia memories in your own kitchen.  The cupcake (and icing!)
recipes in the book are the exact same ones we use in the bakery.

If you can shoot me your address, I’ll drop a cookbook
in the mail for you.

Again, we appreciate the feedback and I hope you’ll
give us another chance to live up to our reputation.