Chapter XVII

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May 2009

Twinkies, Superpowers, Umbrellas, OH MY!

I have not been in a blogging mood lately.  But here I am – potentially back in the saddle.  What, you missed me?  Nice.

I am hating smokers more and more these days.

I also hate when short people carry golf umbrellas.  It's just ridiculous.  This is not because I have an issue with short people (for the record, I do not).  People, this is about public safety!  How many of us have been nearly made into eye-patch wearing pirates by a person carrying an umbrella at your eye level??  Also, I saw a bald short guy carrying a golf umbrella this morning and it was only misting out – not even raining!  And it's not like he even had hair that was going to get ruined by rain (fine, he had clothes on – thank god – so maybe he was trying to protect those.  But they weren't that nice.)  I had to physically restrain myself from snagging his offensively large accessory and yelling at him.  DUDE, Man UP!  It's not even raining for Christ's sake.  And carrying those super large umbrellas should be treated like an HOV lane.  Fewer than three under the umbrella and you get a ticket.  They cause havoc on narrow city sidewalks.  Unless you are really tall.

I met an uber-mom the other day who told me she only feeds her kids organic food.  This kind of talk truly brings out the worst in me…I so badly wanted to hand my daughter a Twinkie at that point, but damn if I ate the last one in my purse.

Feeling like the stock market may be getting a bit ahead of itself these days?  I do, but of course I don't pay much attention to these things (every day).

I have been the WORST reader this past year.  I usually demolish a book or two a month, but in the past year if I can get through an op-ed in the Times it's a good day.  Not sure why.  All I know is literary guilt settled in big time yesterday on my subway ride as I was reading a true beach read (something about chardonnay in a sippy cup – actually a rather hilarious book) and the women across from me was working her way through a book I stole Cliff Notes for in college.  Need to get back on it.

I had a friend over for dinner last week and made a kick-ass soba salad.  She was very impressed.  It was really easy. I may share the recipe in a later post.

Do you ever find yourself fantasizing for an inappropriately long time about what kind of superpower you would have if you could have one? 

But wait, there's more.

Or not.  That is enough for now.  Time to superpower my way into bed, pick up a real book, read it, and deal with my umbrella rage.  I may need a Twinkie to get me through.

Interesting Morning So Far

What an interesting morning so far.  Over a couple of meetings, I have had discussions on the following topics:

How to sell a system/product to a school district.

Navigating your career when you are 22 years old and highly analytical but don't want to be an economist or a researcher.

The benefits and challenges of being a venture capitalist.

Why be a venture capitalist.

What it's like to work at a start-up.

Living in London as a 20 year old (I met someone who, like me, lived there for a summer and interned.  Life changing summer).

How to navigate working in a male dominated industry (and whether or not it's true that many men categorize women they work with as one of the following: their daughter, granddaughter, wife or mistress). 

As a mother, how do you balance Correcting with Supporting your child?

When trying to raise money for a company from investors, you must address these three points head on: the Problem, your Solution, your Traction.

What Obama's service initiative means for schools/parents/school administrators and students.

So, what's next?

Shrimp and Black Eyed Peas

Definitely worth making.  Use this recipe.  Serve with garlic toasts.  I am sure you will be happy.

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