Dad's death seven months later.  What's happened.  What I have learned.  How it affects me.  How I will treat people whose parents have died differently – what I know now that I did not know before going through it.

The morning hours.  How they can really make your day.

Why it's ridiculous to call Sotomayor a racist. 

Thoughts on being a judge – what a mysterious professional that is.

How to change your life in NYC with one small move.

Why I DON'T write so much about my job.  Quickly, there are a million VCs who write about their job.  Frankly, I do not see the need for one more person to explain how to read a term sheet or the nuances of a the liquidation preference (if you want my thoughts, feel free to call me).  But also, I think about my job for many hours a day.  And then I go on to the other things that make up my life.  I like to use this space to chat about the latter.

I may start For Whom The Bell Tolls.  Second time in a few months it's been recommended.  May hit the bid on that.

Also, adding Friday Night Lights to my Netflix list. 

Working now with mostly women (in my office only, not at my portfolio companies) and what that's like.  

Parenting.  What I am learning about negativity, being a force of positive energy in the world, thoughts on timing for kiddie #2 (no, I am not making an announcement), seeing the world again for the first time.

Adulting.  Not judging the current moment as good or bad (yes, I recognize this sounds all holistic etc.  It is) and the impact that seems to be having on my life.

Finding time to workout (I am starting to see the way).

First jobs and the impact they have on your life. 

Growing through your career and moving from "potential and promise" to "outcomes and results."

Reunions and what they mean.  I just got back from my 10th business
school reunion and it was just great.  Not in ways I expected.  People
have a lot of anxiousness about reunions.  This one reconfirmed again
for me why my Harvard Business School years were some of the best.  And
people say you don't learn anything at B-school.   Phooey on them.

Maybe a few rants on how our culture continues to treat dads like morons and how that reinforces the stereotype that moms are really the only caretakers.

Why is it ok to still make fun of blondes?  Seriously (and as a blonde woman, SERIOUSLY!).  Take any blonde joke or comment and insert any other descriptor (black, Jew, hell, even redhead) and it would be downright inappropriate. 

OK, that's all.  Maybe more later.