Read an interesting article on how Higher Ed might be the next bubble to burst.  See it here.  Pretty interesting and I think might be true. 

My inner introvert seems to want to dominate today.  Unfortunately, the evening's plans call for the extrovert.  I expect to be fully exhausted and therefore non-social most of tomorrow.  Do you know what you are, intro or extro?  I took Myers Briggs before entering business school and yep, I am smack dab in the middle.  Check out this article for some backround.  My letters were E/I NTJ. 

But, if I have to go out, at least it's for good food and wine.  Dinner tonight is here, at Olana.  Work dinner.

Everyone is talking about a shakeout in the VC market.  Fewer GPs, etc.  I think that is right.  But let's not stop innovating, ok folks?  Keep coming up with new ideas.  It's what makes us American (and keeps us young).  Look here for 998 ideas.

My sister dropped off Facebook a few weeks ago.  Decided it was too much to manage and frankly, a waste of time.  Now, she is back.  Need to talk to her about that.  I find it a waste of time as well, for the most part.  I like Geni for family management (uploading videos, photos, memories etc. in a closed environment). 

Ginger Ale.

Want to do a treat for your spouse with very little effort?  Buy a roll of cookie dough and out of nowhere (wow!) bake up two and present hot choc chip cookies to your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend as a treat.  Low maintenance, high mileage.

My third wedding anniversary is coming up in a week :-).  What a great time that was, the wedding.  What an amazing time it's been, the last three years. 

My daughter held a dance party yesterday at our house.  It was billed a playdate.  Apparently, it turned into a dance party.  That's my girl. presented to certain members of Congress yesterday.  Connect with a tutor online, the minute you need help with your homework.  I just love that company.  Too bad it did not exist when I was in school.  I would have done a lot better.  (Disclosure: I am an investor in Tutor.  Therefore, if you have a child who does not have an account, what are you WAITING for??  Help a kid.  Get an account.)

I love the new blocked off streets in Times Square.  Makes getting to my office that much more tolerable.  No more near misses with cabbies or bad New Jersey New York drivers.